Thursday, June 18, 2009

hold up

I just saw Dj L-Vis 1990's new video on Mad Decent. In the video he used basically unedited footage of the popular congolese dance videos by the Soukous Vibration Dancers.


Generally, i dont have a problem with mixing dance videos. Theres a huge number of videos like this on youtube, often producing interesting results. But If youre a professional musician, and you release that as yr official music video, and you have a "growing career as a freelance video producer", shouldn't you at least give the ladies a holla?

And when does something fun get creepy? When does appreciating the seriously sweet dancing and lofi creativity of african music videos go wrong? When is it just using them to give a video some exotica/arty flair with the bodies of POCs? Im sure there could be ways to use and get inspiration from these videos in ways that seem less off, I'm thinking in the lines of MIA's Boyz video.

And does it matter? After all, the original video has 194,158 views while L-Vis 1990's has 5,821. Which might mean they have more clout than he does. I'm not sure those dancers have anything to fear from niche Djs. Either way, I think we should expect DJs to use the same respect & give appropriate credit to video makers and dancers as well as the musical artists they use and work with, vs. assuming it doesn't mater, b/c those 'are the real artists, not like those endless, expendable video girls'.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

An excuse for an Iran video dump

I've always dug Iran's changing national anthems, and its fun too look at them all together and figured Id post on it. Shifting Iranian patriotism seems kinda topical + feminist rappers & youts, old revolutionary/patriotic songs, etc

We begin with Iran's very awesome firat national anthem, Salamati-ye Shah, used until 1933. It was recently reworked with new lyrics by poet Bijan Taraqi.

best line: "Show your face in the sky / Like the immortal sun / Listen to the pain of my words/ I am your companion singer"

Second Iran Anthem, Sorood-e Shahanshahi, used 1933-1979 and chronicling the exploits of the Shah. imo grating, dreadful.

best line: "Of Right we've been and still are champions / What is right is all we ever demand."

3rd national anthem, the Soroud-e Melli-e Jomhouri-e Eslami-e Iran of the Islam Republic, only slightly less dreadful.

best line: "Your message, O Imam, of Sovereignty and Freedom / is imprinted on our souls"

And finally, Ey Iran, which despite immense popularity has never had anthem status, although apparently its occasionally used as such by opponants of the Islamic republic.

best lines: "The stones of your mountains are jewels and pearls / The soil of your valleys are better than gold / When could I rid my heart of your affection? / Tell me, what will I do without your affection?"
& "Your water, soil and love molded my clay /If your love leaves my heart it will become barren/ Your love is my calling"

+ with dope female vocals:

more vids..

No more lies - Etteham, with vocals by mahour. they say 'leave youth alone', clip includes scenes of iranians -- most of them women -- being warned or detained by police because of their appearance. over a million views..