Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Same Question - Lady Gaga / Nicki Minaj "feel pre-judged"

Nicki's getting signed, Gaga's dealing with crazy rumors and I'm really struck by these two women, younger than me and forced to answer these questions regarding their work & their bodies...

Gaga (starts at :50) - Calls the interviewer out on his "concerns" about how her sexuality 'distracts/detracts/etc' arent concerns (ie shes already made it) for her but concerns that she *should* be worried about her loose image. makes a point about whose work is considered 'sexual' and whose isnt.
Backpeddling, she then goes on to distance herself from feminism, b/c she 'loves men' and has a nostagic view of americana masculinity.

Nicki - Prods him about his question, like what are you really asking me? Lets talk about my MUSIC, thnx. She sadly makes some comments about 'sluts not being on her team' as if this guy has any right to judge her/any girls sex life, but is trying to hit him back that you cant assume shes easy or whatever b/c of how she dresses.

Maybe theyre not saying everything I want them to be saying, but damn. Its hard, these girls trying to navigate their image when guys can flood the video wih writhing women, but the second a girl who looks like that steps out of the background and grabs the mike THEN its somehow sexual. Like, what does that say about how we see video girls, let alone female musicians?

Still I rise / Still I fight / Still I might crack a smile / Keep my eyes on the prize / see my haters tell 'em HI! / One day you'll remember this / One day when we reminisce / Nothing I do ever is, good enough for the music biz