Thursday, October 16, 2008

Colin Powell Yahooze

Colin Powell - "haha god bless africa... damn I love this song ... what does it mean?"

**update that first link was broken, this video has poorer quality. Now that ive seen a few more, despite the fact he cant do it well its clear he actually knows the yahooze dance!! Did they teach him or do we both share a love of dance virals??

No, Im not going to forgive him for failing his job and country and presenting us with evidence as fact that he himself doubted. I dont think anyone should. Yet I understand he was in a bad place at a bad time. And its not so much his endorsement as his well spoken defense of american muslims that i'll give props to. amen!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

bad karma for us

What Kwaw Kese wore to his christmas concet.

With style ranging from crunk to afrobeat/rasta, he also sports a kufiya and pals around with terrorists. Theres some orientalist / che vibes in this notorious brat's latest video.

true story -

Mia mama recently found and returned my old kufiya from Oman. Her girlfriend Marisa is German and grew up as a young punkette when the wall fell. When she saw it she said:
"ohhh a Che scarf!"
"No" my mom said. "Its islamic"
I try to explain: "its like a revolutionary chic thing b/c the palistinians wear it."
"In Berlin we call it a Che scarf b/c its bad karma for us" Marisa explained. "We already killed too many jews"

Understandable yet weird that people would vibe with and embrace its revolutionaryness w/o embracing the content of its specific revolution.

ps. the wackest aspect about the obama bin laden thing is that its a product of africas mixed heritage, arabs and islam mixin up east to west coast. And when you think about most black americans with araby/islamy names, i think talib kweli, aaliyah, queen latifeh, etcccccc ie parents giving their kids afro-centric names. why? cuz US slaves are mainly from west africa, which ranges from 95% (senegal) to 20% (cameroon) percent muslim. Sooo if we really have such a problem with people with araby/islamy names or ancestry, maybe we shouldnt have forcibly brought them to our country for hundreds of years.. /rant

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Darbuka / Tablah / Tombak / Djembe & Reggaeton (!)

wikipedia says "The goblet drum (also chalice drum) is a goblet shaped hand drum used mostly in Arabic, Assyrian, Persian, Balkan, Greek, Armenian, Azeri and Turkish music. Its thin, responsive drumhead and resonance help it produce a distinctively crisp sound. It is of ancient origin, and is believed by some to have been invented before the chair."

In a recent entry, I posted sum vids of pnjbi/indo kids improving dhol beats over hh / global pop. I found a number of similar Turkish videos, featuring "darbuka mix" or "saz versions" of various global us/carib tracks. The videos aren't as fun because they aren't live, but the results are just as great.

& Missy,
Chris Brown,
Speedy & Lumidee
wait.. Speedy & Lumidee's Sentello? I was surprised reggaeton was so big in Senegal & the Maghreb, who knows why was I again surprised Turkey & the balkins love it too?

a romanian Don Omar cover:

Folks in turkey folk/breakdancing to popi chulo, drunk dancing to Dale Don Dale at a turkish wedding, Sazin up Sean Paul:

Theres a part of me that wants to believe these finds aren't random but from shared Andalusian/ triangletrade/ Mediterranean music sensibilities. (what?) but who knows. After all, you find lambada in Japan. oh wait. reasons?

Saturday, October 4, 2008

kuduro & tecktonik "débark dans la jungle urbaine"

Bondyblog(fr) does a brief write up on some kids mashing kuduro and techtonik. Its old (written in january) but the video is fun.

ohhh French charts.. zouglou dance recently peaked @ # 14 decale gwada hit # 3 this summer. I am not sure about the future of techtonik. Do the the hip androgenous children in kidtonik point to the end or deepening appeal? currently the # 4 spot is discobitch, whose obnoxious electro / terrible english verses i find strangely appealing.

clearly tho,




Known as the brokeback candidate, this hunk is running for congress in Nebraska. So far, I believe I have no hits from nebraska. But if you dont vote for him y'all not welcome here anyway. why?

the tight pants. the sparkling eyes. the oh la la :


He actually cares about the national debt:

the posi obama vibes & 'Nebraska values' :

just sayin'