Wednesday, October 8, 2008

bad karma for us

What Kwaw Kese wore to his christmas concet.

With style ranging from crunk to afrobeat/rasta, he also sports a kufiya and pals around with terrorists. Theres some orientalist / che vibes in this notorious brat's latest video.

true story -

Mia mama recently found and returned my old kufiya from Oman. Her girlfriend Marisa is German and grew up as a young punkette when the wall fell. When she saw it she said:
"ohhh a Che scarf!"
"No" my mom said. "Its islamic"
I try to explain: "its like a revolutionary chic thing b/c the palistinians wear it."
"In Berlin we call it a Che scarf b/c its bad karma for us" Marisa explained. "We already killed too many jews"

Understandable yet weird that people would vibe with and embrace its revolutionaryness w/o embracing the content of its specific revolution.

ps. the wackest aspect about the obama bin laden thing is that its a product of africas mixed heritage, arabs and islam mixin up east to west coast. And when you think about most black americans with araby/islamy names, i think talib kweli, aaliyah, queen latifeh, etcccccc ie parents giving their kids afro-centric names. why? cuz US slaves are mainly from west africa, which ranges from 95% (senegal) to 20% (cameroon) percent muslim. Sooo if we really have such a problem with people with araby/islamy names or ancestry, maybe we shouldnt have forcibly brought them to our country for hundreds of years.. /rant

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