Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Darbuka / Tablah / Tombak / Djembe & Reggaeton (!)

wikipedia says "The goblet drum (also chalice drum) is a goblet shaped hand drum used mostly in Arabic, Assyrian, Persian, Balkan, Greek, Armenian, Azeri and Turkish music. Its thin, responsive drumhead and resonance help it produce a distinctively crisp sound. It is of ancient origin, and is believed by some to have been invented before the chair."

In a recent entry, I posted sum vids of pnjbi/indo kids improving dhol beats over hh / global pop. I found a number of similar Turkish videos, featuring "darbuka mix" or "saz versions" of various global us/carib tracks. The videos aren't as fun because they aren't live, but the results are just as great.

& Missy,
Chris Brown,
Speedy & Lumidee
wait.. Speedy & Lumidee's Sentello? I was surprised reggaeton was so big in Senegal & the Maghreb, who knows why was I again surprised Turkey & the balkins love it too?

a romanian Don Omar cover:

Folks in turkey folk/breakdancing to popi chulo, drunk dancing to Dale Don Dale at a turkish wedding, Sazin up Sean Paul:

Theres a part of me that wants to believe these finds aren't random but from shared Andalusian/ triangletrade/ Mediterranean music sensibilities. (what?) but who knows. After all, you find lambada in Japan. oh wait. reasons?


Birdseed said...

Oh, Reggaeton is huge in the Balkans. Part of it is the almost perfect gel to the rhythms of turkish arabesk pop, which is the biggest genre of the region, part of it the love for latin culture in general (which goes way futher back) and for the mafioso imagery. I'm going to post a few reggaeton-inflected Chalga tunes in my Bulgaria mixtape, coming up.

BTW, if you're into live drums doing beats, have you seen the Kurdish girls' hip-hop dance video that's been going around?


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oh god, this remix is the best stuff I've ever seen in my whole life, this DJ is a genius!

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