Friday, August 29, 2008


The Rai'n'B compilations were pretty big a few years back and featured famous hits like 'un Gaou a Oran', 'Mon Bled', 'C Chô, Ca Brûle', a la french urban sounds. I'm not sure if African Tonik is going to be on the latest Rai'n'B release, but I'm excited to hear Rai'n'B Fever 3 comes out october 6th. If not the mix already has some great updates:

As for fun internet finds, I found yet another mix with African Tonik, a way less predictable mix by Dj Kayz. PARIS! NEW YORK! ORAN! I'm happy to see the Ivorian presence on the mix as well:

Blog searching also got me to Cyan Wait, which posts fun music but kinda creeps me out with its naked women american apparelish porno chic vibes..



Birdseed said...

Those porn shots on Cyan Wait are mondo unpleasant, actually. Not only that, they render my google reader sessions Not-Safe-For-Work, which is damned annoying.

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