Sunday, June 10, 2007

Abddoullah's shop

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I miss hanging out at Abddoullah's shop drinking tea, smoking, talking, and listening to him complain about his "beautiful fat spoiled wife".

Grâce à Mourad, i've been listening to a lot of arabic music which, being predominately vocal music, has made me start listening to singers singers singers..

Cesaria Evora - Petit Pays (Chateau Flight Remix) [ Morna Cape Verde wma ]Jaquel Brel - le Plat Pays [ Singer-Songwriter Belgium mp3 ]Mafalda Arnauth - Trova Escondida [ Fado Portugal wma ]Fairuz - Beirut hal Zarafat [ classical arabic Lebanon wma ]

Also my Chadian friends always used to play great cheesy low budget amharic pop videos when we hung out in their room and i found them on you tube!
Johnny Ragga - Abeshawi
Johnny Ragga - Give Me the Key
Haimanot Girma - Khzeera

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