Friday, June 15, 2007

Dimi Mint Abba

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Mauritania My Beloved Country - Dimi Mint Abba
Unknown Iggawin

Dimi Mint Abba may not be a internationally well known as her World Circuit label mates Ali Farka Toure, Orchestra Baobab, etc or even Mauritanias new rising star Malouma. Yet Her place in Mauritanian music is almost as strong as Oum Kalthoum's in Egypt. An entire generation heard her music growing up, and Moors tend to speak of her with a nostalgic fondness and pride. I am posting an mp3 from the album 'Moorish Music from Mauritania' which in 1989 was the first studio quality recording of Moorish music by any artist from that country. the first. in 1989.

Her music, and Moorish music in general seems a bit of a cross between the now popular desert blues sound of Mali musicians and traditional arab song, with its emphasis on vocals. Many senegalese musicians are influenced by arab or moorish music, notably baba maal who grew up in Podor which lies on the river bordering the two nations. I saw baba maal play in Podor once, along with a friend who gave me the second song i am posting. The second track is a song by the traditional iggawin of my friends family, who sings songs about his family, caste, and ancestors. Its catchy in a way, with handclapping and alternating male and female vocals.


António Pires said...

Dear Rachel,

Congratulations for your blog!!! Great music here (and important thoughts about politics...). If you may, please visit my blog - it's about world music, folk, etc... It's written in portuguese, but I think you will understand the fundamental... Best regards,


betty said...

Hello Rachel,

OK I'm a few years late, but thank you for posting about Dimi Mint Abba. She is my favourite singer in the world, and there is very little about her on the web - at least there is a myspace site now.

I was honoured to see her live at the Womad festival in Adelaide this year. Apparently she will have a new album coming out soon! (2009/2010) I quiver in anticipation.

Xenophile.. nice. Me too.


Abigail Bukai said...
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